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Ilpo On The Road
By Ilpo Juvander on 6/29/2015 9:38 PM
Time to start this years summer trip. Wakeup time was 05:00 in the morning and as I has pretty much everything packed I was not in any hurry this time – or so I though.

Just as I was about to leave and put my luggage into my motorbike, I could not find the key for it! Then I remembered that last night I was putting some stuff to the bike and I had probably left the key into my trousers pocket. And Anne just turned on the washing machine with my trousers in there. But after 10 minutes waiting to get all the water out and door opened, key was found and this time it was clean as well.

So after this incident, bike finally packed and ready to go.


By Ilpo Juvander on 6/27/2015 9:41 AM

It is that time of the year again that my GSA will head to south.

For all of you interested in following where I’m going, here is the SPOT link:

Link will be active when I leave on Monday morning.

By Ilpo Juvander on 6/22/2015 4:33 PM
Took really long to decide where to go, but it looks like things are now getting ready for decision making.

Will leave from Finland end of this or early next week, depending when I get the flight for Anne. Destination for the trip will be an surprise for Anne, will let her know only a day or two before where to fly and when.

This holiday trip will take some 4 weeks before I’m back in Finland again.

Now starts packing and planning again, I have pretty firm list already that I just go through so this is a fast one – and most of the stuff is already on the bike from my work trip to France… just need to decide which tires to put on rear as I still have the poor TKC70 and I will get some 10 000km driving for this trip. Bike is already serviced and ready to go otherwise.

Anne will need to take the helmet with her as well so we can move around a bit more freely and do not need to rent a car over there but use my motorbike instead.


By Ilpo Juvander on 6/5/2015 6:45 PM
Woke up early and managed to get breakfast already before 08:00 so pretty soon after 08:00 I was on the road again driving towards Tallinn.


By Ilpo Juvander on 6/4/2015 9:00 PM
This day was going to be a long one, so breakfast at 06:30 and right after 07:00 I was on the road again.


By Ilpo Juvander on 6/3/2015 11:55 PM
This day was all about transit back to Finland. I had set the target to drive to Warsaw on this day and as there was too many kilometers my choice of road was autobahn.

Yesterday was a working day again, had a customer visit in the area and did also some other stuff. But now I was riding again.

So by 7:30 I had my breakfast, checked out from the Hotel garni Käferstein and back on the road again. This hotel was actually very nice place, not much services around it but hotel staff was very friendly and keen on keeping guests happy. Will for sure visit there again when in the area.

I had two stops on the way, both of them to refuel the bike.


By Ilpo Juvander on 6/1/2015 8:04 PM
Hotel Ibis in Dole was nothing special, normal French breakfast, clean simple room so easy to wake up, eat small breakfast and start moving forward.


By 08:00 I was on the road again, for...
By Ilpo Juvander on 5/31/2015 8:59 PM
All things must come to an end and so was this event. Attended last part of it in the morning and then it was time to move forward.


By Ilpo Juvander on 5/28/2015 9:01 PM
Day started early again and I noticed in the morning that Hôtel Restaurant les Platanes had still heating on. All of the other hotels so far heating had been already switched off.

Had a quick breakfast and checked bike.


By Ilpo Juvander on 5/27/2015 6:44 PM
Got an early wake up, quick checking the bike and to the breakfast.


By Ilpo Juvander on 5/26/2015 8:40 PM
As I woke up, it was raining a lot! Wasn’t that happy with that, but what can one do…

Had small breakfast in Hotel Beer before packing.


Breakfast room had some interesting decorations.


By Ilpo Juvander on 5/25/2015 9:12 PM
Woke up early, I was still kind of in Finnish time. Bike was still in there so everything was ok and went to have breakfast.

After breakfast needed to pay last evening dinner. Person who was in the hotel Alpin Avion’s restaurant did not know how to pay with credit card so we agreed that I pay this morning.

Now there was a person available who said that credit card is not an option, cash only. And I had no local currency… but then he added that euro is one option as well so problem solved.

At 08:00 I was on the road again, took bigger roads in the beginning and after some 150km took a stop to refuel and check tire pressures once again.


By Ilpo Juvander on 5/24/2015 10:56 PM
Day started early by bike check and it was still there.


Breakfast was as good as before at hotel Ibis Warszawa Centrum.


By Ilpo Juvander on 5/23/2015 10:27 PM
Morning started early, had good time to pack everything before breakfast and even put everything on to bike as well. Bike was found where I left it, in the garage.


Other bike that was there last night was already gone.

Right after 08:00 got small breakfast, just enough to get me started.


By Ilpo Juvander on 5/22/2015 10:10 PM
This time decided to take a bit different approach when leaving from Finland. Usually I have been driving one really long day to somewhere, but now I left with 13:30 ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn and was about to drive only few hundred kilometers.


By Ilpo Juvander on 5/18/2015 10:18 AM
On this Friday I will start the European tour. This time not (all) for fun, but for work.

I could do this by flying as well, but as I really hate flying I will instead take my BMW out from garage and On The Road Again!

Have still issue of deciding if it will be

IMG_2189 or IMG_3261

Can take both as I do not have that much time to drive around but have to take bigger roads so LT is just fine for those as well. Just in case I will change tires for my GSA…

Route is about 7000 km so good start for this season. Main places to visit...
By Ilpo Juvander on 3/5/2015 10:32 AM
Tomorrow starts this year’s first motorbike trip to south, all the way to Estonia and Estonia Winter XXIII.

Finally got the ferry tickets booked as well, some issues on Tallink’s web booking as there is no option to book 1 adult, 1 child and two vehicles. After complaining – again – on this I got a call from Tallink’s customer service and they made the booking for me.

Now I just have to decide which bike to take: GSA or KTM. I already gave GSA license plate number when making the ferry booking so I guess that is the transportation method then.

New set of tires arriving – hopefully – today, so I can get fresh set of TKC80 under my GSA. If not, I might then take the KTM instead as it has real winter tires with spikes.

Last 8 km to the venue Mustjõe Kõrtsitalu might be a bit challenging with summer tires, but hopefully not too bad.


By Ilpo Juvander on 3/4/2015 9:18 AM
This week has been and still is all about enabling notifications into YARR.

Plan is first to get notifications from YARR into Apple IOS devices from user selected feeds which have received new RSS feed items.

To deliver notifications route is through Azure Notification Hub with a small custom built IOS application which – at this point – is only used to receive notifications and open a browser. This will not deliver full list of RSS feed items, but simply an notification that there are unread items and will then offer user option to open browser to read these feeds.

This looks like very promising feature and will be enhanced later on to Android devices as well.

Some other enhancements as well:

By Ilpo Juvander on 2/26/2015 5:30 PM

YARR just received update which enables viewing similar items grouped together.

What this does is that it calculates a value for item titles and when building the next list of items, it sorts them based on this value.

Very handy feature when there are similar items coming from multiple RSS feeds.

This setting is disabled by default, but can be enabled in user settings:


Have long wanted to have this feature on my favorite RSS Feed Reader and now I have it!

By Ilpo Juvander on 2/26/2015 12:26 PM
After enabling Google and Microsoft authentication providers for YARR I had an issue: On Chrome I was able to login just fine, but Safari was causing issues.

On Safari after I selected Google or Microsoft for authentication from login page after entering my account and password I was redirected back to login page.


Under the hood this turned out to be this part in code that failed:

[AllowAnonymous]         public async Task ExternalLoginCallback(string returnUrl)         {             var loginInfo = await AuthenticationManager.GetExternalLoginInfoAsync();             if (loginInfo == null)             {                 return RedirectToAction("Login");            ...
By Ilpo Juvander on 2/24/2015 11:15 AM
During the last weekend I went through all my personal feeds and compared those with Feedly account I had been using. During this process I discovered lots of feeds which

were no longer active (in Feedly there is no way of knowing if feed is in error or not) were not being updated in Feedly at all even though they were live (not really know why as feed itself had no real errors on it) were partially updated in Feedly. Some feed content had come through while some not Personally I’m now 100% YARR user and have discarded Feedly totally. I use YARR mainly with my desktop computer, but also a lot with my mobile phone together with Safari and it works very well on both of these environments without delays and extra waits.

It simply works.

YARR can use internal account...
By Ilpo Juvander on 2/18/2015 2:59 PM
For many years my way of reading news has been RSS feeds.


In the beginning I used features from Internet Explorer and at some point I moved over to Google Reader. That was pretty perfect tool for this purpose and it was too bad that it was shut down 2013.

At that point I did some trials to get my own RSS Reader developed, but time was not right for that and I adopted after weeks of wondering to use Feedly. Feedly has served me quite well for this time, have not understood all the features it is giving and neither used those but it had an client for Web, Android...
By Ilpo Juvander on 1/19/2015 1:01 PM
It has been very quiet on the planning side for coming summer mainly due to thoughts that I have had for one bigger trip to Africa. IMG_1825But as that scenario seems to be so that I need to discard it for the time being, have to think of something else.

Summer of 2015 will be divided into two parts:

Bigger main trip for x weeks Smaller ~1 week trip in the Baltic countries with my sons Smaller trip is a no-brainer, just have to decide when to go and book ferry tickets.

Bigger main trip is where the trouble starts.

I have been in so many places that now it is time to start doing targeted trips to deepen the view on these countries and it is simply so difficult to choose where to go first…

When writing...
By Ilpo Juvander on 1/6/2015 7:18 PM
Back in early June 2013 I installed pair of Öhlins Mechatronics shocks into my BMW R1200GSA and was very impressed by the way my bike handled after getting those in.


By Ilpo Juvander on 1/4/2015 11:05 AM
By Ilpo Juvander on 11/24/2014 9:19 AM
Vaikka Iron Butt Association Finland kuinka yrittää esittää, että rautaperse ajon suorittaminen on turvallista, niin 24h muun liikenteen seassa ei ole minkään oikean tutkimuksen mukaan turvallista ja väsyneenä ajaminen onkin Suomen tieliikennelain mukaan yksiselitteisesti kielletty:

Ajoneuvon kuljettaja ja ajo-oikeus 63 § (3.8.1990/676): Kuljettajaa koskevat yleiset vaatimukset. Ajoneuvoa ei saa kuljettaa se, jolta sairauden, vian, vamman tai väsymyksen vuoksi taikka muusta vastaavasta syystä puuttuvat siihen tarvittavat edellytykset.

Lisää siitä miten väsymys liikenteessä vaikuttaa voi lukea Liikenneturvan tutkimuksesta.

By Ilpo Juvander on 11/15/2014 10:48 AM
While I was solving my issues with blog posts using iPhone, I just realized that I had also solved my second issue: Writing blog posts using Mac OS X!

Until now I have created all my blog entries using Microsoft Live Writer, which is running in Windows 7 VMWare image.

But now by using this same solution I use for my iPhone, I post these blog entries using same method.

Solution that I created is very simple:

Create blog body text and save it as Microsoft Word file Send this file as an attachment via e-mail to my blog e-mail account. Blog title is actually coming from e-mail Subject line My blog e-mail service receives e-mail, converts it into htm –file and posts new blog entry using metaweblog –api I still need to see how well all the formatting is going through, but so far everything looks good.

And I’m no longer tied to fast network connection as I just create the post entry into e-mail and once...
By Ilpo Juvander on 11/14/2014 7:07 AM

By Ilpo Juvander on 11/13/2014 4:52 PM

Now that I have moved away from Facebook I also needed some sort of way to share stuff into my blog while I am On The Road.

I did quite a lot of searching and did not find a proper tool for iPhone that would together with my DNN Blog. So I decided to create one by myself.

And now I have just that.

This solution is using Microsoft Word as an editor and supports images as well.

Have to see how well this works in the future.

This post is actually first one published using this new tool.


By Ilpo Juvander on 11/11/2014 8:50 PM
For all of those who are wondering, I’m on Facebook strike. My plan is to stop using Facebook and this far I have managed to do just that.

I have logged out from Facebook, cleared all Facebook cookies from my computer, have not again logged into this tool and plan not to. I have not installed Facebook app on my phone (have not done that before either).

We will see how well this goes in the near future.


And as I have already heard couple of times the question why is this, here’s some insight into this:

I have been admin in couple of Facebook groups and...
By Ilpo Juvander on 7/26/2014 7:28 PM
Had a small breakfast as I had reserved a ferry ticket with an entry to Business Lounge where I would get proper lunch. This has become a tradition, my last treat before getting back home after these holiday trips.

By 08:00 I was on the road and heading towards Tallinn. Did not stop even once on the way, just drove the 317 km to the harbor with a small detour to get some drinks.

I got well on time to the ferry, few other bikes were there as well, coming from an weekend biker meeting in Estonia.