By Ilpo Juvander on 6/30/2016 9:43 PM
Last night was a bit restless, lots of drunken Mongolians running around the hotel and making all sorts of funny noises… woke up early again – seems to become a habit.

Elbow has still some issue, but hip is better so driving today is an option. Both of my arms are actually indicating that something is not right, but that is just some muscles issues, too much to do in the past days for them.

Had morning coffee in good time and by 08:00 I was ready to ride again. Or it might have been 07:00 as I’m not totally sure what time is in here.


First stop was to get fuel and last station when driving...
By Ilpo Juvander on 6/29/2016 9:35 PM
Today after driving the southern route my plan is to take me to northern option.

I found earlier on GPS log that the route I had planned took somebody two days to finish, but as it was less than 400km I thought that I will just do it in one day.

A bit earlier tan 08:00 I was ready to ride again after having my usual morning coffee.


Few kilometers out from the city and paved road ended.


By Ilpo Juvander on 6/28/2016 9:10 PM
I woke up before 07:00, a bit lazy morning to recover a bit from yesterday. My body was giving some unusual signs again that some extra activities has been done yesterday and everything was not back to normal.

Coffee is a good start, did not bother to make any other breakfast than that.


Than I managed to open my computer and saw some e-mails that needed my attention for a few hours.

Since room did not have a proper working desk, I made one of my own: I laid sideways the one (and only) chair and put blanket from bed over it to make it a bit softer. Worked pretty well I would say.

By Ilpo Juvander on 6/27/2016 9:04 PM
Early morning again, almost everything was packed already yesterday and just needed to fill my water bags. For the first time I will now try how it feels to have 1.5L water in my back so that I can drink without getting off the bike.


By 06:30 I was ready again and started driving towards border crossing. It was quite chilly, just 10 degrees.


By Ilpo Juvander on 6/26/2016 9:34 PM
Alarm went of at 05:30 on my phone and I started cooking some coffee water to get make up and running.

Morning looked really nice outside.


By Ilpo Juvander on 6/25/2016 9:54 PM
Needed to wait until 07:00 before I got breakfast, while waiting for that I already had a coffee in a room as I woke up quite early.

While waiting I was charging all of my GoPro batteries as scenery should start be much more enjoyable than in the past few thousand kilometers.


Finally it was breakfast time again, this time it had changed a bit.


By Ilpo Juvander on 6/24/2016 9:08 PM
Today I was not in a real hurry anywhere, had small breakfast at the hotel, did some planning for next day etc.


After breakfast I went to local telephone operator store and purchased local prepaid SIM card with unlimited data service and some phone calls as well for a month. I paid some 450RUB for this and seems to work just fine. What a relief finally not being so disconnected all the time. And in many places the internet is not that great either so now I can have my own connection when those fail.

For getting SIM card in Russia all you need is to take your passport with you and they...
By Ilpo Juvander on 6/23/2016 9:37 PM
This time I really needed to wake up early as my checkout time was set to 07:00 due to me only paying for 12hrs at the hotel.

Not a big deal, managed to get two cups of coffee and I was ready to ride again.


I’m still in growing mode for a beard, let’s see how long this will last…


By Ilpo Juvander on 6/22/2016 9:44 PM
Woke up early again, by 06:00 I was pretty much ready and started thinking on how to get the bike out from garage. Garage door was locked and the guy who opened the door last night was nowhere to be seen.

Lady from the reception helped me to find this guy, he was still sleeping in a room on separate building and came out looking really sleepy… but eventually he got his eyes opened after having a cigarette and I got the bike out for packing.

By 07:00 I was ready to ride again.


After a while I decided to take a break and stopped to have coffee, something to eat and more importantly, to get water.

By Ilpo Juvander on 6/21/2016 9:12 PM
Left Khromtau by 08:00 (time is there 2 hours ahead of Finland).


First break to drink was really in the middle of nowhere, cars were rarely coming towards me and landscape was really flat. Road was also quite boring good road, 100km straight, turn and another 100 km straight again. So to speak.


By Ilpo Juvander on 6/20/2016 9:39 PM
Started early as I got good night sleep and by 07:00 I was already driving again. Before leaving made two cups of coffee for breakfast, dinner was still good enough for stomach otherwise so no need for anything else to get me started.


By Ilpo Juvander on 6/19/2016 9:38 PM
Day started a bit lazy in Petteri’s place, took a morning coffee and some break in good time and by 09:00 I was riding again.

Petteri came out as well to see when I was leaving, bike was there on the parking place just fine.


This was now first day I was riding without a booked destination so end of the day I just need to find a place to stay.

Took a first break after riding quite a lot and of course out from nowhere there was some local coming to chat something and looking at the bike. Just managed to get something to drink and leaked extra out from me...
By Ilpo Juvander on 6/18/2016 9:14 PM
In the morning did not bother to make any breakfast nor coffee, just woke up, packed and started moving forward by 7:30. Last night’s dinner was still too much on its way…


Road from Kiev to the border crossing was a known one as I have take this route already couple of times. Just one big boring road and in good condition as well.

Needed to get some fuel and also consume rest of my Ukrainian money and get full tank by paying rest by credit card. Of course this idea did not really work, they did not really understand what I was after and end result was that I...
By Ilpo Juvander on 6/17/2016 8:25 PM
Just another lazy morning, decided to take it a bit easier after two long riding days.

Met Sergey and Victoria briefly after 09:00 and I finally left from Vik-Jan at 11:00. My bike was nicely parked behind the gates together with all firewood.


First half of the road was again in quite bad shape most of the way, but then started newly build highway. First and only stop was to get something to drink as weather for again getting hotter, over 30 degrees already on the way.


By Ilpo Juvander on 6/16/2016 8:09 PM
I woke up really early, had some porridge and coffee for breakfast and by 07:00 I was already on the road.


Made two stops on the way to drink, weather was really nice 20-27 degrees all...
By Ilpo Juvander on 6/15/2016 9:31 PM
Next part of the journey started early. Could not really sleep so I woke up at 06:00 and started packing again.

By 07:00 I took some of the stuff into bike and Ivan – the owner of  Apartmani Mare - came down as well.

Once I had finished packing we had an coffee together with his mom and also a group photo was in place.


I almost put rain suite on as well, but decided to see how it goes as I needed to take first break pretty soon to get more fuel.

Just before Split I took a break for fuel and see how weather is progressing. All around Split...
By Ilpo Juvander on 6/7/2016 9:59 PM
Day started early again, got breakfast right after 07:00 and I was ready to ride by 07:45.


By Ilpo Juvander on 6/6/2016 9:50 PM
It is starting to happen, later mornings. I woke up early and went down to  take some stuff already into bike and noticed that reception was totally empty at 07:00 and no breakfast waiting. Decided to take it easy and see closer to 08:00 what happens.


Just before 08:00 things started happening and I eventually got coffee, juice, warm croissant, bread and yoghurt. What more to expect before a riding day!


By Ilpo Juvander on 6/5/2016 9:20 PM
We still had seminar program until 12:00 so just before noon I was able to start again. Got everything packed before and after breakfast, just matter of jumping on to a bike.IMG_1766

Because of late start, I decided to take toll roads and just drive as I had many kilometers cover for this day. This became a real transit day through bigger roads. Needed to cover many kilometers on this and following day.

Had few stops just for a drink as it was quite hot, over 30 degrees.


By Ilpo Juvander on 6/2/2016 7:25 PM
Easy start for the day, quickly just coffee and I was ready to ride again.

While packing the bike I noticed that one of the straps I use to tie the outer bags just snapped. This was one of those that got some beating back in 2010 in Tajikistan, but it managed to hold until now. New one was in the pocket so just switched that and all ok again.


By Ilpo Juvander on 6/1/2016 8:57 PM
Got an early morning again and started planning for coming day and packing.


By 07:30 I had everything packed again. Checking out from the hostel was no go as there was nobody at the reception so I just dropped the keys back to the room and left.