By Ilpo Juvander on 6/30/2011 9:05 PM

Now in Mugla, one day from Antalya. Got a very nice hotel here called Hotel Petek

30.6.2011 19:05:47

By Ilpo Juvander on 6/30/2011 9:20 AM
Day started a bit slowly, we already woke up around 6 am, but realized that there was nobody in the hotel reception to cash or give us breakfast… So we waited… At 7:30 there was a lady coming in, made us breakfast (we seemed to be only guest at the time…) and we also managed to pay the hotel room.

So around 8:45 am we were On The Road again towards Turkey.

We crossed Turkish border after driving two hours and 200 km, border crossing was quite easy, just few cars on Turkish side and this time Greece border was neither on strike…



By Ilpo Juvander on 6/29/2011 2:23 PM

Catched ferry just minute before it left, so in 30 minutes we will be in Asia side

29.6.2011 12:23:38

By Ilpo Juvander on 6/29/2011 12:32 AM
We started early, I was up just after 6 am. Went to breakfast right after it started and on the way initiated the hotel room payment process. This was really a process which took like ½ hour during which we had our breakfast… But finally we got hotel paid and started packing our bikes.

While packing our bikes there was funny familiar language asking about us, there was one Finnish man working in Pristina for few weeks and staying on same hotel as us. What a small world!

We started engines before scheduled take-off time at 7:30 am so well on time.

Some small traffic to get out of the city, but once we got to the main road everything cleared out to be just fine.

Small journey from Pristina to the border of Kosovo and Macedonia, just some 65 kilometers which took almost an hour.

Border was very simple to pass, just few cars in the queue and off we went.


By Ilpo Juvander on 6/28/2011 2:42 PM

Strike on greece border and we are stuck here...

28.6.2011 12:42:56

GSA refuel after 623 km driving: 34.62 litres

28.6.2011 14:43:59

By Ilpo Juvander on 6/28/2011 1:13 AM
This day was our day off from road. We decided to stay in Pristina, Kosovo and spend day just walking in the city and relaxing.

Some pictures from Pristina.

Our parking in front of the hotel:



By Ilpo Juvander on 6/27/2011 1:51 PM

Enjoying day in pristina,kosovo. Continuing tomorrow towards macedonia. Today just relaxing!

27.6.2011 11:51:32

By Ilpo Juvander on 6/26/2011 11:31 PM
This was our second transit day, a short one from Budapest to Pristina, Kosovo. Planned driving was 700 km.

We started just after 9 am from Budapest, headed to the highway and drove directly to Serbian border. Border crossing was fairly simple, briefly looked our passports, did not check bikes papers at all.

On Serbian side road was quite good, most of the parts toll road which we took to speed transit. Toll was usually just few euros.

Near Belgrad we had small detour via airport because of small orienteering issue, road signs were all covered with bushes and we turned just one crossing too early. Zumo quickly started recalculating new route, but we decided to add our own flavor into that as well…


By Ilpo Juvander on 6/26/2011 11:32 AM
I have been using for years for hotel reservations and in general have been quite happy with selection of hotels and prices.

But – and here is the catch: Just last knight I realized that reservations made by are not really confirmed reservations!

They just send your reservation request via mail/fax/phone or what ever and there is no guarantee that you have a reservation when you come to the hotel. If hotel is full, reservations made by have no priority and all others will be served before you.

I had reserved our hotel in Budapest some 2½ months in advance and when we showed up at the hotel last evening, receptionist told that hotel is fully booked and we did not get any room from that hotel! Instead we had to find another one from other hotel.

Lucky for we had motorbikes to travel, so no did not need a taxi or any other transportation for this purpose.

Have to think now twice if I use in the future to reserve hotel rooms or not.

By Ilpo Juvander on 6/26/2011 2:57 AM
Today was the starting of our Caucasus 2011 Tour.

We left from Helsinki to Tallinn with last ferry and plan was to start driving right after we get to Tallinn direct route to Budapest.

And that’s what we did!

Once we got to Tallinn, it was already raining. I had put my gore-tex liner under my jacket and trousers already on the ferry, but decided to put also rain suite on before we started fuelling our bikes for the planned SS1000 ride.

Once bikes were fuelled, paper work for the ride done (we got our witnesses from two Italian girls already on the ferry) we started the ride.

We were following exact route with same fuel stops as I had done on the way to Rota 2009, so no big surprises waiting.

Only thing that messed things was the weather. It rained all night, stopped once we got to Poland, but started again later on in the evening. So we were really wet!

Ride itself went just fine, we were two hours early in Budapest, which is not really ok for basic SS1000 ride…...
By Ilpo Juvander on 6/21/2011 11:17 AM

We have SPOT device to follow where we are. Public link for this data is

Link will be active from the time we leave on Friday.

By Ilpo Juvander on 6/21/2011 11:14 AM

Just 3 days left for Caucasus tour!

21.6.2011 9:14:09

By Ilpo Juvander on 6/14/2011 12:38 PM
Today all needed trip paperwork is done: green card, passport with all needed Visas and drivers licenses.

Some final checks for the bike, new tires, valve check etc. and then my GSA is ready as well.

We will go from Helsinki to Tallinn on 24th of June and start riding towards Budapest which is our first stop. This is some ~1700 km ride from Tallinn.

From Budapest we continue through Serbia to Pristina, Kosovo. After this towards Macedonia, Greece...