By Ilpo Juvander on 4/30/2010 8:21 PM

Now in Turku, waiting ferry to Stockholm

4/30/2010 6:21:54 PM

By Ilpo Juvander on 4/29/2010 10:44 AM

Goldrush is starting tomorrow!

4/29/2010 8:44:29 AM

By Ilpo Juvander on 4/21/2010 9:17 PM
I’m attending for the second time for Gold Rush 2010 (Kultaryntäys) event which is organized by IBA Finland ry.

Gold Rush is all about driving long days and kilometres with the motorbike. This year there will be 16 participants who will be driving either 1500 miles/2414km in 24h or 3000 miles/4827 km in 48h.

These are known as BB1500 Gold / Bun Burner 1500 Gold and BB3000 Gold / Bun Burner 3000 Gold. BB3000 Gold is considered to be an extreme drive.

If you calculate plain average speed it gives you little over 100km/h without any breaks! So driving 24h this speed. In real life we will be driving faster than that and fewer hours. Average planned speed is going to be 116km/h and on the BB3000 Gold which I will be taking we are planning to sleep some 4 hours between the days.

We start driving on 1st of May from Stockholm / Sweden where we will also end this after 48 hours later.

This time I will be driving with my BMW R1200GSA...
By Ilpo Juvander on 4/12/2010 4:42 PM
I installed during the winter Power Commander V and AutoTune module for it and been now experimenting with it.

After some cruising with zero map AutoTune suggested these changes into the base map:


After that I took the bike to dyno run to see what the actual power and torque really is.

We made 5 runs and after each run there was significant changes to the power and torque.

This is now the map that AutoTune made after these 5 full runs: