Featured Item: How to Export Test Cases with Design Steps from Mercury Quality Center into Excel, part II

Mar 28

Written by: Ilpo Juvander
3/28/2007 12:23 AM  RssIcon

Coming back to this ever so interesting area discussed in here: How to Export Test Cases with Design Steps?

For this we offer a tools like Import Export Utility and General Reporting Utility. Both of these can be downloaded from Downloads.

Import Export Utility for Quality Center is designed to take data out from Quality Center using simple user interface and save it in Excel, Xml or internal db format. Internal db is used when importing data back to Quality Center.

With General Reporting utility you can do other types of reporting as well this special report where you can have all test case details with design steps in Excel format for reviews etc.

The idea behind this utility is that you first select the data you want to appear in your reports and export it from Quality Center. Selection can include various criterias, like requirement, test case, test set, test case in test set, run or defect fields or any combination of these.

Then you will select which fields you want to include in your reports. Depending on your needs, you can select from Quality Center entities any number of fields or all of them. Including memo fields with or without html tags in them.

This selection will also narrow down your exported data: if you have set your criteria to certain defect field value and you select test case fields, you will get only those test cases that have linked defects that match your criteria. You can also set your criteria to selected test sets, select all test case fields and as a result, you will get all test case fields which are in your selected test sets.

And all of these selections can be saved as a favorites to be reused when next time exporting data out from Quality Center and/or creating your report.

Just do some trials with it and use your imagination!

After you have got your data out from Quality Center, you will still need to select your report. If you just want test cases with design steps, select Test Case Report -> Detailed Test Case Report and select all test case and design step fields you want in your report. You can also sort the fields into the order you want.

TIP: First time you do this, don't forget to check menu option Tools -> Options -> Include memo fields - and Strip HTML tags -settings. By default memo fields are not exported from Quality Center, but this settings is saved for future use, so you will need to select this only once.

After this you will get an report that looks like this: Detailed Test Case Report Sample which you can then distribute to the persons who need to look at the test cases with design steps.

Here is also more detailed steps with pictures on how to do this: Export Test Cases with Design Steps into Excel.

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