TFS Bug Item Synchronizer ver. 2.1

Aug 18

Written by: Ilpo Juvander
8/18/2009 3:58 PM  RssIcon

New version is almost ready, latest one is now downloadable in

Needs still updates into documentation, but other than that everything is now in there.

This is the list of changes in this version:

  • Allow QC-2-TFS field map to be defined for each TFS/QC project separately. This is used mainly when creating and updating workitems into one TFS project from multiple QC projects which customizations are different from each other.
  • Added possibility to combine two source fields into one target field. Can be used for example when mapping TFS State & Reason to QC Status field.
  • Added possibility to combine one source field into two target fields. Can be used for example when mapping QC Status to TFS State & Reason fields.
  • Possibility to send TFS workitem history into QC memo field by specifying #HISTORY# as a default value and leaving TFS field as Not Defined
  • Added possibility to add QC Requirement path into TFS workitem field. This is done by using default value 'RQ_REQ_USER_PATH' and QC field as Not Defined
  • Enabled possibility to specify username, domain and password for TFS project connection. Used when connecting over domain boundaries.
  • Change selection of TFS server and project from own control to use TFS client components.
  • Added possibility to specify filter for LDAP query.
  • If no updates done for TFS workitem, will not try to save it.
  • Quality Center transition rules can copy values from another field. Used like this to copy value from BG_USER_27 into BG_RESPONSIBLE: <TransitionField name="BG_RESPONSIBLE" forceUpdate="false" value="BG_USER_27"> </TransitionField>
  • Added possibility to update QC Server name, domain and project into TFS workitem field. This is done by using constant values #QCSERVER#, #QCDOMAIN# and # QCPROJECT# and leaving QC field as Not Defined.
  • Added advanced Query operator to select TFS workitems from project. For example: QUERY:([System.CreatedBy]='Ilpo Juvander' AND [ID]>500)
  • Added link to QC requirement into TFS workitem when using requirement synchronization
  • Changed attachment description handling so that it takes out html tags


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